Together with my Family

Ever since my birth I have been living with my parents in New Delhi whether its school days, college or post-graduation but I got my placement in multinational company in Bangalore and relocated to Bangalore. The work atmosphere, culture, and people everything changed and with time I adjusted to the new environment but I always missed the time which I spent together with my family. The small moments which you feel by physically present with your family at home can never be replaced by talks on mobile or video chat online. I can never forget that day when I returned home after one year of my stay at Bangalore, my whole family came to receive me at the airport with big smile on everyone face and we all were so happy to see each other after such a long time. My room was also decorated especially for me and my favorite food items were cooked, though my stomach was full after eating it but my intent to eat more was never over as I have missed and dreamed for this food for last one year. I was once again enjoying the comfort which my home used to provide like my big television, soft bed and refrigerator full of food items as compared to laptop, small bed and lack of food in Bangalore.

Bangalore does offer some north Indian restraints but even the best chef cannot match the food cooked by my mom. There is no fun in living alone as in Bangalore hardly anyone cared whether I had my meal or not or how is my health but at home there is family to take care of you and also provide support and assistance whenever required. Well the first day after returning from Bangalore seems to be like my birthday as my family has brought my favorite pineapple cake and on top of it was written welcome back and after cutting the cake everyone was giving me some gift, later my uncle and aunt also came to greet me and we had the dinner together. I also went for a ride in my car with my brother and tried to bring back those memories when we both used to go at different parties together in our college days.

I wish just like school days we could also have one month summer vacations in office too where we can reconnect with our family and recall old memories and enjoy each other company and create a stronger bond with our family. I know it’s not possible but our family has found a solution that every year every member of the family will take one week leaves at the same time so that we can spend a week together away from all the office or business worries.

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