Start A New Life

I still remember the day when I was sitting in my home dejected and disappointed and almost made the decision to help my father in his business. I was in final year and felt that it was the right time to look for suitable job for me in order to help my family and take up the responsibility on my shoulders. I felt all my education and learning was not worth of anything and there was no way I could grab any job without paying a bribe or having connections. It was the most difficult phase of my life and I had lost all my patience after getting rejected in interview or not having approach to get myself shortlisted. My parents would encourage me and pray to God and do all sorts of thing to make my life easier and help me to get a start in my career. They never pressurized me in tough times and gave me time and pocket money till the time I was unemployed.

Then one day while I was working in the farm house and postman came and gave me an interview call letter. I did not pay any attention to it and kept it on the dining table. I told my family that company is good but there is no point travelling to Delhi away from home when there is only one vacancy for this job profile. But my mother told me to at least give the interview and try it once. Though my mind frame was negative at that moment but after listening to family members and parents, I decided to take one chance or may be the last chance.

I reached Delhi early morning and went to hair salon for removing the stubble look and having a clean face. This time my approach was different and I was really determined to grab this one and felt it was my last chance. I reached the interview and somehow got shortlisted for final round. There were two more candidates with me. They were more qualified than me but were not good in technical stuff. I was asked questions by company officials if I am able to relocate in Delhi and would pay for training. It was a testing time for me as I had to take the on spot decision quickly. In first few seconds, I thought that leaving away from family would be difficult and there would be lot of adjustments to be made. The second question was funding money for training. But I took the bold step to say yes to them and took the big step in my life to get this job offer.

I was selected and shifted my base to Delhi. After one week of leaving alone, I realized how difficult was for me to sustain and adjust in new conditions and realized the importance of family members. Further I took the bold step and did not tell my parents about the loan taken for my training and decided to take the responsibility by saving money and paying it from salary. The best moment for me was repayment of loan and taking care of myself while staying away from home.

I still cherish those moments and feel proud of myself and my decision to take this job opportunity.

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