Dry baby, happy baby

I feel the best and most memorable day of my life is when my cute little baby was born few tears ago. It was such a great feeling to become a father and shoulder this amazing responsibility with my wife. I always consider him as a gift from god and feel nothing can be compared to this in front of whole world. I love my kid very much and always want him to be safe and healthy. I want him to give him all the things and fulfil all his wishes so that he remains happy and content in his whole life.

I always feel very much connected to him from the day he was born. I love to click his pictures every day and capture his precious moments on my Smartphone. His happy face helps me to overcome all my fatigue and stress behind when I see him after coming from office. But raising a baby is not any child play and requires commitment and time to ensure baby does not cry and all his daily needs are fulfilled. The biggest issue for me while handling my baby understood him and his language. Babies do not speak and it is very difficult to understand and interpret their sign language. We as a human can speak and convey the message but babies start crying when we do not understand their problems.

I love to do things which make him happy and amicable. I usually do all the things on weekends in order to reduce the work load of my wife. I would take care of him and would keep all my work aside and give priority to him. I have brought a white colour bath tub and keep all the toys in it so that he can enjoy and play with them. Then I would take him to nearby pet shop in the market so that he can see the birds and little pets and also buy some sweets for him. There are times when he does not stop from crying and at that time, I try to make funny face and sing rhyme to divert his attention. It is important that baby gets enough sleep and rest to stay fresh and happy. I have made a bed time routine and we usually follow early to bed and early to raise pattern.

Then there are moments when holding the baby in my arms and he starts to cry. At that point I either give him some liquid food to eat or either the issue is with his wet clothes. Being a protective father, I always try to spend more on his diet so that he is strong and his body develops at good rate. I always make sure that baby does not have wet clothes and his diaper is changed. This is important for his health as well to keep him happy. I have noticed quite a few times that baby starts to cry when the diaper gets wet. A dry diaper keeps him comfortable and Pampers is the best when it comes to selecting the right diaper for babies.

If you also want to make your baby feel dry and happy, then get Pampers diaper (http://www.rewardme.in/tag/Pampers)


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