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My home is the centre focal point of my small world, it’s not just a place where I came to sleep after long office hours rather it’s a place where I recharge my energies with the loving bond of my family. The feeling of owning a house is beyond imagination as it gives you inner strength and confidence. The way my family members greeted me once I entered home from office or business tour is the best feeling which cannot be expressed in words, it shows respect and love they have towards me.

I can recall those memories when I bought this lovely house ten years ago after months of search and hired interior designer to shape the house as per best practices of numerology. It was Sunday when after months of exhaustive search I look at this house and the very moment I decided that this is the place where I will live my present and shape my future. Everything about this house seems perfect at that moment whether it’s related to its design, location, colour or ambience. I felt so much secure sitting inside the house and there were lots of positive vibes which I was feeling, it seems as if I have been here before and feeling that this place belongs to me and has been made just for me. The location of my house is on the outskirts of city and it surrounded by trees so from environment point of view it’s free from sound and air pollution. I have installed a small chimney where I used to sit in winters and listen to old songs on my reclining chair and also have a small swimming pool at the back side of house where I relax in hot summer. Swimming pool also attracts my friends and relatives so we often have a pool party or water game which bonds my relationship with friends and relatives.

My home is the source of my motivation as there lies my family for whom I work and I don’t treat it just as a house rather a temple as it brings positive thoughts and provide a relax atmosphere. I had an arrange marriage and call recall the moment when bride’s family used to select me more on the account of my house rather than my job or personality, many of them even complimented about the superior design and decoration of the house. I remembered my wife telling me about how much better this new house of her is as compared to previous one.

My home also cherishes the infinite memories of various occasions related to my wedding, anniversary, my child birth, birthday celebrations and various festivals celebrations with friends and family. My home is the only common point which has witnessed my past and also will accompany me in my future.

I am very thankful to God for giving me so many happy moments in my house with my family members who are always standing and taking care of me.

This blog post is written for #LookUp (https://housing.com/lookup)


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