Kellogg’s Waale Guptaji ka Nashta

Life is about fulfilling about basic needs and never ending human aspirations. The first thing which comes to my mind is the food which is requirement to stay alive and do other things in life. We all work and earn money to fulfil our basic requirements and other secondary things. The first meal in the morning is the breakfast and the kind of breakfast sets the tone for the day. I am always in a hurry in morning and consider eating junk food or processed ready to eat food in the breakfast. I feel it is enough for the day and then head to my office. But now I realize that something is missing from my diet as my weight has increased over the years and my cholesterol level has increased. Certainly I think there is need to change something in my diet. I feel embarrassed at times when people make fun of me and my body shape. My close friends has advised me to change my food habits and recommended me visit Guptaji’s house to have some healthy food and has smacking taste too. I have come to know about this famous family as they are known for their Kellogg cornflakes breakfast. Their breakfast is unique and creative as it is made from cornflakes and covers more than hundred varieties of recipes for the breakfast. This sounds interesting to me as how can we have so much variety in the breakfast itself.

Guptaji family is always prepared with recipes for different occasions and as per the situation and environment. They have bundle of cornflakes recipes for entire family. Their menu card involves Indian as well continental food using cornflakes. I want to name a few like Cornflake Popcorn Clusters or Cornflakes Chivda. Then they have Cornflake salad and cheesy snacks in the platter. This can be combined with combination of Apple Cinnamon Cornflakes with Cornflake Coconut Ladoos. I would love to eat Cornflakes Fruity Yoghurt Cup and Honey Nuts Cornflakes as it is so much enriched with nutrients and helps in reducing weight and keep body strong against diseases.

All these mouth watering dishes with fewer spices and delicious in taste forces me to visit the Guptaji once and have healthy breakfast. The best point for me here is that I can enjoy the food and there is no tension or reason to worry about eating more. The food served by them is rich in important minerals like vitamins, protein etc and unique point is low sugar content and almost zero cholesterol. I also like about their way of using Cornflake as in combination with Indian food and still it takes less time to cook and can be served within few minutes.

I find win-win situation for me and have so many reasons to visit Guptaji house and get more information about Kellogg’s cornflakes recipe so I can prepare myself too and enjoy the meal.

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Simple things that make me happy

Happiness is state of mind when we feel good and positive. It is the moment which gives us peace of mind and calmness. Life in present times requires lot of efforts and hard work in order to get success in life which requires lot of patience and sometimes luck too. It is not a piece of cake and at certain stage everyone finds it difficult to move forward in life and get success. Those are stages when happiness matters the most and is the only solution to come out of fatigue and stress in life. It is very much important to stay happy as it directly affects the health. There are so many advantages of smiling and being happy in life. It helps to stay positive and relax. Then it can keep you stay away from negative thoughts and you can concentrate your goals and live every second of life in a better way.

Next thing is ways to get happy in life. I feel happiness is around us and we do not need money or fame to get happiness in life. Simple things can even make you happy and make life very interesting and colourful. I consider small things as more important than money or luxury which can give me more comfort and keep me happy anytime. Things which keep me happy and give me opportunity to enjoy my life are –

Vacation with Children

The best time for me is when I take my children to a tourist destination during their summer breaks or winter vacation. It is quite relaxing and refreshing for me to spend time with them outside home and also helps me to engage with them and bring smiles to their faces. All these special memories together with family make it very special for me and make me happy.

Festivals and Special Achievement

Holi is my favourite festival and I love to celebrate with close relatives. It is good to invite them to my home and having food and drinks together. Happy times are always there when I get promotions or my children get good marks. It is always special when we perform and get success. It accounts for special celebration in life and we celebrate these happy moments with dining in hotel.

Movies and TV shows

Watching television is my favourite pass time and it helps me to come out of stress. There are so many daily shows running on television which are funny and cool. It is so awesome to just watch TV while relaxing on my wooden sofa and grab some snacks.

Getting Surprise Gifts from family Members

My best moments come when I get personalized gifts like greeting cards and flowers from my children and wife. It makes me happy to have my family around me. Their love for me and gifts are very special.

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Together with my Family

Ever since my birth I have been living with my parents in New Delhi whether its school days, college or post-graduation but I got my placement in multinational company in Bangalore and relocated to Bangalore. The work atmosphere, culture, and people everything changed and with time I adjusted to the new environment but I always missed the time which I spent together with my family. The small moments which you feel by physically present with your family at home can never be replaced by talks on mobile or video chat online. I can never forget that day when I returned home after one year of my stay at Bangalore, my whole family came to receive me at the airport with big smile on everyone face and we all were so happy to see each other after such a long time. My room was also decorated especially for me and my favorite food items were cooked, though my stomach was full after eating it but my intent to eat more was never over as I have missed and dreamed for this food for last one year. I was once again enjoying the comfort which my home used to provide like my big television, soft bed and refrigerator full of food items as compared to laptop, small bed and lack of food in Bangalore.

Bangalore does offer some north Indian restraints but even the best chef cannot match the food cooked by my mom. There is no fun in living alone as in Bangalore hardly anyone cared whether I had my meal or not or how is my health but at home there is family to take care of you and also provide support and assistance whenever required. Well the first day after returning from Bangalore seems to be like my birthday as my family has brought my favorite pineapple cake and on top of it was written welcome back and after cutting the cake everyone was giving me some gift, later my uncle and aunt also came to greet me and we had the dinner together. I also went for a ride in my car with my brother and tried to bring back those memories when we both used to go at different parties together in our college days.

I wish just like school days we could also have one month summer vacations in office too where we can reconnect with our family and recall old memories and enjoy each other company and create a stronger bond with our family. I know it’s not possible but our family has found a solution that every year every member of the family will take one week leaves at the same time so that we can spend a week together away from all the office or business worries.

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Start A New Life

I still remember the day when I was sitting in my home dejected and disappointed and almost made the decision to help my father in his business. I was in final year and felt that it was the right time to look for suitable job for me in order to help my family and take up the responsibility on my shoulders. I felt all my education and learning was not worth of anything and there was no way I could grab any job without paying a bribe or having connections. It was the most difficult phase of my life and I had lost all my patience after getting rejected in interview or not having approach to get myself shortlisted. My parents would encourage me and pray to God and do all sorts of thing to make my life easier and help me to get a start in my career. They never pressurized me in tough times and gave me time and pocket money till the time I was unemployed.

Then one day while I was working in the farm house and postman came and gave me an interview call letter. I did not pay any attention to it and kept it on the dining table. I told my family that company is good but there is no point travelling to Delhi away from home when there is only one vacancy for this job profile. But my mother told me to at least give the interview and try it once. Though my mind frame was negative at that moment but after listening to family members and parents, I decided to take one chance or may be the last chance.

I reached Delhi early morning and went to hair salon for removing the stubble look and having a clean face. This time my approach was different and I was really determined to grab this one and felt it was my last chance. I reached the interview and somehow got shortlisted for final round. There were two more candidates with me. They were more qualified than me but were not good in technical stuff. I was asked questions by company officials if I am able to relocate in Delhi and would pay for training. It was a testing time for me as I had to take the on spot decision quickly. In first few seconds, I thought that leaving away from family would be difficult and there would be lot of adjustments to be made. The second question was funding money for training. But I took the bold step to say yes to them and took the big step in my life to get this job offer.

I was selected and shifted my base to Delhi. After one week of leaving alone, I realized how difficult was for me to sustain and adjust in new conditions and realized the importance of family members. Further I took the bold step and did not tell my parents about the loan taken for my training and decided to take the responsibility by saving money and paying it from salary. The best moment for me was repayment of loan and taking care of myself while staying away from home.

I still cherish those moments and feel proud of myself and my decision to take this job opportunity.

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Dry baby, happy baby

I feel the best and most memorable day of my life is when my cute little baby was born few tears ago. It was such a great feeling to become a father and shoulder this amazing responsibility with my wife. I always consider him as a gift from god and feel nothing can be compared to this in front of whole world. I love my kid very much and always want him to be safe and healthy. I want him to give him all the things and fulfil all his wishes so that he remains happy and content in his whole life.

I always feel very much connected to him from the day he was born. I love to click his pictures every day and capture his precious moments on my Smartphone. His happy face helps me to overcome all my fatigue and stress behind when I see him after coming from office. But raising a baby is not any child play and requires commitment and time to ensure baby does not cry and all his daily needs are fulfilled. The biggest issue for me while handling my baby understood him and his language. Babies do not speak and it is very difficult to understand and interpret their sign language. We as a human can speak and convey the message but babies start crying when we do not understand their problems.

I love to do things which make him happy and amicable. I usually do all the things on weekends in order to reduce the work load of my wife. I would take care of him and would keep all my work aside and give priority to him. I have brought a white colour bath tub and keep all the toys in it so that he can enjoy and play with them. Then I would take him to nearby pet shop in the market so that he can see the birds and little pets and also buy some sweets for him. There are times when he does not stop from crying and at that time, I try to make funny face and sing rhyme to divert his attention. It is important that baby gets enough sleep and rest to stay fresh and happy. I have made a bed time routine and we usually follow early to bed and early to raise pattern.

Then there are moments when holding the baby in my arms and he starts to cry. At that point I either give him some liquid food to eat or either the issue is with his wet clothes. Being a protective father, I always try to spend more on his diet so that he is strong and his body develops at good rate. I always make sure that baby does not have wet clothes and his diaper is changed. This is important for his health as well to keep him happy. I have noticed quite a few times that baby starts to cry when the diaper gets wet. A dry diaper keeps him comfortable and Pampers is the best when it comes to selecting the right diaper for babies.

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Look Up Stories

My home is the centre focal point of my small world, it’s not just a place where I came to sleep after long office hours rather it’s a place where I recharge my energies with the loving bond of my family. The feeling of owning a house is beyond imagination as it gives you inner strength and confidence. The way my family members greeted me once I entered home from office or business tour is the best feeling which cannot be expressed in words, it shows respect and love they have towards me.

I can recall those memories when I bought this lovely house ten years ago after months of search and hired interior designer to shape the house as per best practices of numerology. It was Sunday when after months of exhaustive search I look at this house and the very moment I decided that this is the place where I will live my present and shape my future. Everything about this house seems perfect at that moment whether it’s related to its design, location, colour or ambience. I felt so much secure sitting inside the house and there were lots of positive vibes which I was feeling, it seems as if I have been here before and feeling that this place belongs to me and has been made just for me. The location of my house is on the outskirts of city and it surrounded by trees so from environment point of view it’s free from sound and air pollution. I have installed a small chimney where I used to sit in winters and listen to old songs on my reclining chair and also have a small swimming pool at the back side of house where I relax in hot summer. Swimming pool also attracts my friends and relatives so we often have a pool party or water game which bonds my relationship with friends and relatives.

My home is the source of my motivation as there lies my family for whom I work and I don’t treat it just as a house rather a temple as it brings positive thoughts and provide a relax atmosphere. I had an arrange marriage and call recall the moment when bride’s family used to select me more on the account of my house rather than my job or personality, many of them even complimented about the superior design and decoration of the house. I remembered my wife telling me about how much better this new house of her is as compared to previous one.

My home also cherishes the infinite memories of various occasions related to my wedding, anniversary, my child birth, birthday celebrations and various festivals celebrations with friends and family. My home is the only common point which has witnessed my past and also will accompany me in my future.

I am very thankful to God for giving me so many happy moments in my house with my family members who are always standing and taking care of me.

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