Get a better Car with Quikr NXT!

I still not forgot that day when my father gifted me my first Hyundai Santro car few years ago on my birthday as a surprise gift. I felt very obsessed with it for many years and enjoyed driving across different roads. But everything has a definite time and with my family expanding and growing up, there is a need to have a bigger wide body sedan car with enough leg space and baggage facility. I would love to buy a new car for family but due to other priorities, I feel it is not the right time to get a brand new one but instead buy a second hand used car like Qualis, Tata Safari etc.

The first thing which comes to my mind when thinking about buying something from trusted source and has value for money is Quikr. It has come up with Quikr NXT which is the new and latest way of buying and selling things on internet with ease with no worries.


Quikr is very simple and user friendly as I just click on Cars option and from there, I can choose according to my likings and give my preferences. While purchasing a car, it is important for me to select the price range, select from different car brand and models. Further I can see about the car variant if it is diesel, petrol or CNG.I ca use filters to modify my information anytime and choose my city or different location. While browsing the Quikr, there is also option of Certified Cars and statement “No Fikar Inspected Cars”. As a buyer, this option helps to filter out only those cars which deliver certain standard performance and meet Quikr standards. This is cool feature as it saves my time and resources while selecting my dream car. Now there is no need to travel with the mechanic to meet the buyer and have all the information verified.


I prefer to use Quikr Nxt over offline car deals because with NXT feature, I can have same discussion via chat and can save the conversation for future use as an evidence in case required. I can ask the seller to tell me to the exact dimensions with images and his quotation without even talking over the phone. Earlier when we had to sell our old scooter or motor bike, we used to visit a dealer who would charge us commission. But with Quikr NXT, I can post free ad of my old car and also at same time, contact the seller via chat without even giving my contact number or personal details over online platform. I like the freedom QuikrNxt brings to the users with no formality or boundations.I can talk to different people via chat and then choose to give my number and details only when the deal is final.

I feel Quikr is best platform to upgrade my car and can be used by anyone for buying and selling their cars and vehicles online.

This post is written as a part of the “Get a better Car with Quikr NXT!” activity in association with Quikr.


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