Live The Life You Have Always Dreamed Of!

We are born in a country where there are so many restrictions and barriers within a closed society. There is a responsibility of family, children and having stability in life. The end result is that we do not get time to think about ourselves and have to concentrate on things to earn more money and give strong support to family in terms of finances and other resources. I have also been through the same with lot of pressures and tension in my life. If somebody tell me to imagine life without any constraints and I can dream anything, then the top 5 things on my Bucket List that I would do if I was #BefikarUmarBhar are-

  1. Start an Education Club and Teach students

My parents have given me strong support and education and I feel very thankful to them for it. I feel everything achieved by me is all due to education. It is very important tool for understanding between wrong and right and I want to pass this tool in hands of children who will be going to be the future of the country. I want to start a community club where I can bring at least few children who cannot afford education and give them basic knowledge. It will give me satisfaction and also improve the life of these street kids. I feel sorry for them and feel helpless at times when I see them begging on roads.

  1. Helicopter Ride with Children

I have travelled on commercial aircraft for business related work but never felt the satisfaction and found it quite tiring. There is not much leg space and no element of luxury. It feels very uncomfortable after the flight. I have a wish to take my children and my wife for a surprise helicopter ride on our anniversary to make it feel special. My wife does not like to travel by airplanes and she prefers land transport. Helicopter is better option as it flies low and much comfortable too. I hope I can make this possible some day in future.

  1. Earn Post Graduation degree from United Kingdom

It is due to lack of time and finance that I have not been able to pursue post graduation after getting full time sales job. This has affected my promotion and career growth. Further due to family commitment, I am not able to leave my job at this stage. My wish is to leave this hectic job and get admission in one of top MBA College in United Kingdom and then get a highly paid job.

  1. Pursue my passion and hobbies

I have a passion for drawing and painting but I could not pursue it due to parental pressures as they told me to concentrate on my core subjects and get good marks. During school days too, I used to collect stamps and coin of different countries and keep it in a collection book. Now if there is a possibility then I want to again invest my time to draw paintings of the hills, mountains and people.

  1. Trip to see Next World Cup with friends

I have seen more than hundred matches but only on television channel and so my last wish is to get a chance to see the next world cup live with my close friends. It is one of the most the greatest world tournaments where every team participates. I want to get the best front row seats which are closed to Indian dressing room and from where I can see the match very closely.

This post is written for the BefikarUmarBhar Campaign for Indi Happy Hours.


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