Get Quikr NXT!

Quikr NXT is the new and latest way of buying and selling things on internet with ease with no worries. Earlier existing websites in this domain were either insecure which used to highlight personal information like address or contact number or if they are secure than they used to charge high commission charges from buyer or seller point of view but now with launch of NXT it’s totally a new level of marketing a product from buyer point of view and new level of shopping from seller point of view and no need to worry about all the hassle as this new feature gives an option to contact between two parties instantly and via chat. The option is also cost affective to those who have multiple questions regarding the product and instead of calling each seller just use this new feature and ask all questions directly via chat and same will save mobile cost of the buyer.

The feature also provide photo or image sharing option where one can provide further pictures of the product to a customer and such pictures can be for that particular seller only when chatting online may be when try to impress the customer or to get the deal done.

In India, many deals are twisted at last moment with either discounted deal or some additional free item or may be extended warranty but where is that documented if one is making such deals via phone but with NXT feature one can have same discussion via chat and can save the conversation for future use as an evidence in case required. This is not all, the feature also gives history of chats so that one can extract the conversation if required.

The reasons are endless for this feature but top three advantages will be instant, costeffective and ensuring highest level of privacy as explained above but is that all!! The answer is no as these advantages are just part of one feature called Quikr NXT, if we take whole Quikr with various features the amount of power for buying and selling over products is huge, I feel like why to go for physical shopping with waste of time and efforts ,just do everything online, everything at your fingertips ,sell old stuff on quikr and same way buy new stuff online as well. I have already shared the cool feature with my friends and recommending all everyone to start using it by downloading the quikr application from either Google play store or Apple store  and start using it as soon as possible as Quikr offers various products online from electronics to kitchen to anything one can think of and one never know what new product you can get at cheapest market price with power of Quikr.

This post is a part of IndiBlogger Happy Hour contest sponsored by Quikr .


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