Pimples Fight back

There is always one common reason behind my dad argument with me or my first girlfriend leaving or having fight in the school and getting punished or paying a fine. All these trouble situations are just because of my face having those ugly pimples coming outward and in large numbers. I am a very patient guy in real life during the challenging situations but with pimples, I lose my cool and patience because it really hits me hard when someone is talking about my face and directly ask me if my face skin has some issues.

Pimple is the main cause of embarrassment for me during my school days and while in college. Pimple affected my college life when I lost the chance to win the master boy contest and judges did not recognize my healthy body or looks. They gave preference to the guy who had no marks or pimple marks on that day. In order to hide my pimples and avoid facing such situation every day, I was so disturbed to such an extent that I changed my hairstyle and kept long hair with stubble face. This impacted my career which made a bad impression during the internship interviews as they did not find my acne reason a valid point. It is sometimes very humiliating to handle the rejection with such a small reason of acne and pimples that I almost lost my confidence.

After many rejections, I decided to go through a mentor session with my teacher who told me that pimple and acne are normal and nothing to worry as they are due to oily skin or stress or hereditary. He told me to get my stubble removed and cut the long hair and ignores the pimple thing. Further on his advice, I went to the skin specialist who recommended me to watch out my diet intake and avoid using soap and many other things. The situation improved a little but pimples were not completely eliminated.

I am also one of  the next generation male and now taking my skin and face more seriously and ready to spend money on products which make me look young and attractive free from pimples. I have not lost the battle yet with pimple and still try to look at alternative options like herbal creams and applying orange fruit pack plus going to salon regularly to take care of my skin. It is really great to know that Garnier has come up with special formula to this skin problem with Garnier pure active neem face wash. It has quality to completely eliminate the pimple with neem and other ingredients having special properties.

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This post is with reference to Garnier Pure Active Neem on Indiblogger website.


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