Multi-talented and Simple

It is said that behind every successful man, there is a women who stands like a solid pillar and gives you moral support and pushes you to give your best. In my life, I would give credit this to my wife who has given me emotional support and listening to my crappy ideas and still praising me for my work. She is the one who has been running the show from behind. In terms of education, she completed her graduation and started to work full time. It was the time when she could have got job promotion as she was in peak of her career but she gave priority to our family over anything else and decided to work for part time only. There was a situation when my work demanded to shift to Bangalore for six months and leave my parents as well my newly born kid. But she stood up and encouraged me to go ahead with the project and devoted her time and even took brake from her part time job.


We are living in a society where men go for work and earn money while wife are responsible to take care of family and manage everything. But she has a passion to grow and learn different things. She loves to cook different dishes and cuisines every weekend. Her dedication and love for family is so much that she took the initiative to learn driving so that she can drop kids to school and take my parents for health check-up without even bothering me.Once,I was out of town and my father met with an accident and was admitted to the hospital. But she took all the hardship and trouble alone and never told me about it. She thought that this could have increased my work pressure and disturbed my schedule. She is a perfect in all aspect and very organised yet simple.

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