Get Quikr NXT!

Quikr NXT is the new and latest way of buying and selling things on internet with ease with no worries. Earlier existing websites in this domain were either insecure which used to highlight personal information like address or contact number or if they are secure than they used to charge high commission charges from buyer or seller point of view but now with launch of NXT it’s totally a new level of marketing a product from buyer point of view and new level of shopping from seller point of view and no need to worry about all the hassle as this new feature gives an option to contact between two parties instantly and via chat. The option is also cost affective to those who have multiple questions regarding the product and instead of calling each seller just use this new feature and ask all questions directly via chat and same will save mobile cost of the buyer.

The feature also provide photo or image sharing option where one can provide further pictures of the product to a customer and such pictures can be for that particular seller only when chatting online may be when try to impress the customer or to get the deal done.

In India, many deals are twisted at last moment with either discounted deal or some additional free item or may be extended warranty but where is that documented if one is making such deals via phone but with NXT feature one can have same discussion via chat and can save the conversation for future use as an evidence in case required. This is not all, the feature also gives history of chats so that one can extract the conversation if required.

The reasons are endless for this feature but top three advantages will be instant, costeffective and ensuring highest level of privacy as explained above but is that all!! The answer is no as these advantages are just part of one feature called Quikr NXT, if we take whole Quikr with various features the amount of power for buying and selling over products is huge, I feel like why to go for physical shopping with waste of time and efforts ,just do everything online, everything at your fingertips ,sell old stuff on quikr and same way buy new stuff online as well. I have already shared the cool feature with my friends and recommending all everyone to start using it by downloading the quikr application from either Google play store or Apple store  and start using it as soon as possible as Quikr offers various products online from electronics to kitchen to anything one can think of and one never know what new product you can get at cheapest market price with power of Quikr.

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Cupid Proposal to my Valentine!

Watch my video taking up The Gobsmacking Gift from Close-Up Cupid’s Challenges. The video shows my true love and affection to my wife and surprising her with a sweet valentine proposal and gift.The dare ends with my song and it is a happy ending!

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Close-Up Cupid’s Challenge taken by me: The Gobsmacking Gift

Wow your crush with a unique gift to ask him or her out for Valentine’s. We’re not going to tell you what to put in the box, apart from ‘think out of the box’. The more eye-popping your gift, the bolder your move! (Hint: Your gift doesn’t have to cost a bomb to be awesome.)

Go Sleek!

The  post is a part of IndiBlogger’s Happy Hour contest about my preference to choose between The Sleek and Powerful ASUS EeeBook X205TA or the Ultra-Portable and Perpetually connected ASUS All In One PC ET2040.

Honestly speaking I like both the models as both have their own benefits and serve different purpose. I work as a senior marketing manager where I have to handle more hundreds of clients daily and need to generate daily reports while co-ordination and communicating via technology to make sure that business runs smoothly. Hence I would require both the products but for different areas and departments. After checking the configuration ASUS EeeBook X205TA ,I would use it when I am on the move and travelling across different parts of the country and dealing with clients. It is light weight portable and has strong powerful battery backup. With provision of latest Microsoft Windows 8.1 and a one-year free subscription of Office 365,I can use Microsoft office to best of my utility and also at the same time store the files as EeeBook X205TA offers free 500 GB online storage for 2 years. It has a surplus battery power with a capacity to work up to 12 hours which is something impresses me as I do not have find a charging point after few hours or stuck while doing my work.

Coming to the other product ASUS All in One PC ET2040, I think it will be more suited for my office purpose and my office desk. The screen size is bigger and much better as I love to see everything in big font and also less strain to my eyes and body when sitting and watching the screen for long hours. I like the feature in it where I can detach the keyboard control and use gestures to perform certain functions which can help me while giving individual presentations. Also as per the specification, I can browse the internet sitting from my desk up to five metres away from the screen. I am really impresses with this feature as when there is small room meeting with my team, I do not have to stand up or have keyboard in hand. I can walk through and still able to manage everything easily. It further comes with built in UPS which can save the data up to one hour and prevent data lost. This will save me on expenses as I will not have to buy a separate UPS unit. My Smartphone is not very advanced and its battery back is very less and our office has a common point for charging devices. My charging the phone problem will be solved as ASUS All In One PC ET2040 comes up with ultra fast usb 3.0 and smart charging feature. Other attractive feature and HDMI extra port which I can if we need extra screen while making presentation in front of more people or pitch our point.

Both the products are brilliant and really outclass each other in terms of their use and so if I would go with both the devices in the future.

My dream proposal at Taj Mahal

I have seen many people with different ideas in order to express their love and emotions. Some people are very creative and innovative. I have read in the newspaper about throwing heart shaped balloons from the helicopter, climbing the hill top and diving under the sea in order to make a marriage proposal on the valentine day to their love ones. But nothing can beat my idea to make a love proposal in front of that beautiful and immeasurable standing monument of love Taj Mahal which is one of the Seven Wonders of the World and symbol of love.

My crush on girls and love started at early age.When I was in my school, I had crush on one of my class mate and felt in love too and on the valentine day, I tried to pass her a friendship band and teddy bear with chocolates through my friend but she rejected my offer and gave it back. From that point of time, I was like a guy with black heart and without emotions. After completing my education and getting a job, I got married as per my parent’s choice and for few months it was difficult to adjust and show my love. But with time I feel like having her is the best gift in my life and there is no single day that I can spend without talking to her.

After so many years and having such a strong bonding in our relationship, my heart has become soft again and I feel she is my real crush. Now given a option of propose her on valentine,expressing part will be difficult for me but in order to make it special for her, I have a dream plan to take a day off from my office work on Valentine day and take her to Taj Mahal. The trip would be a complete surprise to her as I will tell that we are going to visit my relatives and keep her guessing about my real plan.Once inside the Taj Mahal and standing in the middle, I will hold her hand and then bend on my knees and propose her that she is one of the most beautiful people and my love of life. Then I will take out the diamond ring and sing a song for her. This will not stop here and once she accepts my diamond ring then I would take her for a camel ride and share the ride with her and treat her for a candle light dinner at Agra famous five star hotels. I will serve the dinner myself and order as per her wishes for both of us.

My proposal would not end her but after the dinner; I would take time out from her for few seconds and then come out with a bouquet of flowers with a personalized thanking message from my side and make it memorable.

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The Great Indian Litterbug

Let me introduce you here to the famous character “Litterbug” which hides in all of us and do notorious things and  still takes pride and has no shame or feeling of guilt.In a creative way,I introduce you here with a small poem about the litterbug character.

Dustbin Dustbin where ever you are

How I wonder what you are

I will not use you till I die

Throw the wrappers where I like

Urinate on the walls and make it white

All my efforts makes me wild

I love the foul smell and dirt lying

Because I dont have control on my mind

Proud of me as I litter with any fear

No fine for me or any fight anywhere

I will smile and litter everywhere

It is sad that we all know everything and learnt the lessons of cleanliness and its importance but we continue to live in dirt and spread garbage in the area.We try to improve our standard of living and try to wear the reputed branded clothes and keep our homes as clean so that we can welcome guests and show them.This all things stops here and then the story of litterbug starts as soon as we come out of our house and leave the main gate.We have water bottles to throw where we want and spit out the chewing gum or paan opening the car windows. It is just the starting as we reach our destination, the litterbug in us has already done the damage to the place or surroundings.Littlebug is still not afraid and goes further ignoring the ethics and values learnt in the school. With no respect to women dignity, the litterbug is always up and ready to pee on the side walls or open defecation along the roads or near the public property.

There are certain different kinds of litterbug who take it to another level besides polluting the atmosphere and burning cigarette packs in public place, they indulge in eve teasing and chain snatching and it goes on and on. Then there are bigger litterbugs who are more dangerous than even terrorists. I am talking about industrial factories that transfer all the waste affluent directly into the river bed which harm the marine life and affecting people who consume that water. It is also found that in the past certain industries are engaging in corruption to get no pollution certificate.

I am happy that our new government has come up with a plan to tackle this litterbug which is next to corruption in the country. The plan to spread awareness about cleanliness and keeping our rivers clean. It is good to see Delhi government imposing heavy fines if they found any litterbug has thrown plastic and other waste material in the Yamuna River. Swatch Bharat is another initiative and corporate social responsibility taken by various private organisations to build toilets in rural areas will help to tackle the litterbug. I think time has come that all we stand together and fight out to make this litterbug out of us and make India better place to live.

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Pimples Fight back

There is always one common reason behind my dad argument with me or my first girlfriend leaving or having fight in the school and getting punished or paying a fine. All these trouble situations are just because of my face having those ugly pimples coming outward and in large numbers. I am a very patient guy in real life during the challenging situations but with pimples, I lose my cool and patience because it really hits me hard when someone is talking about my face and directly ask me if my face skin has some issues.

Pimple is the main cause of embarrassment for me during my school days and while in college. Pimple affected my college life when I lost the chance to win the master boy contest and judges did not recognize my healthy body or looks. They gave preference to the guy who had no marks or pimple marks on that day. In order to hide my pimples and avoid facing such situation every day, I was so disturbed to such an extent that I changed my hairstyle and kept long hair with stubble face. This impacted my career which made a bad impression during the internship interviews as they did not find my acne reason a valid point. It is sometimes very humiliating to handle the rejection with such a small reason of acne and pimples that I almost lost my confidence.

After many rejections, I decided to go through a mentor session with my teacher who told me that pimple and acne are normal and nothing to worry as they are due to oily skin or stress or hereditary. He told me to get my stubble removed and cut the long hair and ignores the pimple thing. Further on his advice, I went to the skin specialist who recommended me to watch out my diet intake and avoid using soap and many other things. The situation improved a little but pimples were not completely eliminated.

I am also one of  the next generation male and now taking my skin and face more seriously and ready to spend money on products which make me look young and attractive free from pimples. I have not lost the battle yet with pimple and still try to look at alternative options like herbal creams and applying orange fruit pack plus going to salon regularly to take care of my skin. It is really great to know that Garnier has come up with special formula to this skin problem with Garnier pure active neem face wash. It has quality to completely eliminate the pimple with neem and other ingredients having special properties.

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Multi-talented and Simple

It is said that behind every successful man, there is a women who stands like a solid pillar and gives you moral support and pushes you to give your best. In my life, I would give credit this to my wife who has given me emotional support and listening to my crappy ideas and still praising me for my work. She is the one who has been running the show from behind. In terms of education, she completed her graduation and started to work full time. It was the time when she could have got job promotion as she was in peak of her career but she gave priority to our family over anything else and decided to work for part time only. There was a situation when my work demanded to shift to Bangalore for six months and leave my parents as well my newly born kid. But she stood up and encouraged me to go ahead with the project and devoted her time and even took brake from her part time job.


We are living in a society where men go for work and earn money while wife are responsible to take care of family and manage everything. But she has a passion to grow and learn different things. She loves to cook different dishes and cuisines every weekend. Her dedication and love for family is so much that she took the initiative to learn driving so that she can drop kids to school and take my parents for health check-up without even bothering me.Once,I was out of town and my father met with an accident and was admitted to the hospital. But she took all the hardship and trouble alone and never told me about it. She thought that this could have increased my work pressure and disturbed my schedule. She is a perfect in all aspect and very organised yet simple.

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Journey from ‘OR’ to ‘AND’

Most of the times we are not able to understand whether to honor our parents or follow our dreams. People have lot of dreams as they enter teenage stage but worry about what others would think and how they will be reacting to it. It is only few who are able to get courage, support and confidence to fight and live the life as they want. In our country, this situation is even more difficult for girls as they have to face their parents, social status, being the only child and many other issues. It is only few who come and show their resistance and speak up for themselves.


I know a close family relative in my life that was the shyest girl and would never speak up with anyone but now is one of most successful manager in a big multinational company. Her journey has been inspiration for me and if she can work while studying and reach such a stage then we all can achieve our dreams. Few years back. Her father was very worried about her as he was reaching age of retirement and there were medical problems with her mother. She was still in college and most of his father expenses were spent on medical bills. It was the turning point for her life when her father told her to get married and that it was difficult for him to arrange finance for her college fees. But she thought marriage was not the solution and instead decided to continue education so that she can get a good job and help her family later. In order to support herself and ease some pressure for her father, she made a decision to do a part time job in vocational college as a receptionist. Her father was angry at her and asked her many times to leave it but she was strong and decided to study and work at same time. At the end when her studies were completed, her father was proud of her and realized his mistake as she funded her college fees and got placed in multinational company.

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