Job Loss without Shave

My grandfather used to work as an electrical engineer in government public work department. He was responsible to make sure that electrical systems are working properly so that city roads have effective and proper lighting during the night time. After thirty years of service, he finally retired without any complaint and with farewell party and great honours from his office employees. But soon after the retirement, he felt very bored at home and it was more painful situation for him. His retirement had affected him as he felt sadder and started to feel depressed. Also his daily routine changed and his life style changed. He used to talk less to everyone and decided not to shave and grow beard. His personality completely changed and now he looked like a saint with long facial hair. All the family members were worried for him as we thought grandfather is losing his interest in everything and was harming himself.

My grandmother at that time tried to bring things in control and asked him do some business or find a part time job after retirement instead of killing time. My grandfather decided to find a job again in order to keep him busy. As soon he started to look for job opportunity, his was more happy, relaxed and more positive. Finally in few weeks, while browsing in Times Ascent, he found an opportunity matching to his profile and decided to apply for the job position. I could see his excitement when he again started to prepare for the interview and took his documents from his cupboard which was biting the dust. On the day of the interview, he took out his brown jacket which he used to wear during his previous job. But this time decided not to shave as he felt it was more mature look. My grandmother also pointed him to latest to trim the extra hair and give some style to it. I dropped him for the interview and was expecting good news in the evening.

In the evening, he came back and told that he was rejected in the interview. We all could not believe the news based on his experience and knowledge. But he told us that competition was tough and all candidates who came were almost his age but with their clean shave and trimmed moustache made them look more young and fit for the job. My grandmother felt that it was his fault. Next morning, my grandfather being a fighter went straight to barber shop and got his beard remove and looked like two years younger.

I think this job missed opportunity was all due to his saint like look and his stubble which made him look old and unfit.

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