Results with Shave

Before completion of our final project in the college for MBA, we had to submit a project report which involved making a questionnaire or a survey and analysis of data but using Microsoft excel and other statistical tools. Our topic was influence of social media among people. After doing the basic preparation and making a questionnaire, we went to Select city walk mall as most of the young people come there on weekends. We needed at least two hundred people who could fill out the form so that we could come out with results. With support from our teacher, we got the permission from the mall authorities and went ahead to start with the project.It was sunday,I decided not to shave and be without formal uniform while I was little surprised to see Arun wardrobe as he came in formal clothes wearing tie with no stubble and looking like some company manager. I wondered if his Weill groomed look with clean face gives him some benefit or it is just to impress girls in the mall.

I and my friend Arun decided to stand at different locations near the Croma store. Around 1 pm we started with the procedure to gather the data and decided to meet after six hours. In order to push ourselves, I challenged him that at the end of the day, person who collects more data will give treat at the Pizza hut in the evening. Arun was smart and went forward to accept my challenge. I was standing next to the exit gate and whenever anyone would come out; I tried to reach to him and requested him to fill the questionnaire. Most of the time, the person were not interested and I had to request them and walk with them to fill the same. It was really hard time getting the data and at the end of the day I could capture only 70 candidates. Feeling proud of myself, I called up Arun in the evening and we met it in Pizza hurt. I found Arun full of joy and asked me about my score. I was little hesitant but told him it is sixty questionnaire filled. I was completely shocked when he told that he collected 130 samples. I was little shocked and asked his secret of this success. He just told that his charming face with clean shave and professional get up did the trick for him.Finally, I had to pay the bills for dinner and lost the contest but it was a good learning experience.

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