Kitna chain hota hai na sachchai mein

Honesty, Commitment and Knowledge are the primary things which every company looks before hiring a candidate. I have seen in the long run, truth prevails and win over everything. In my life, I have also felt the same in my story from my college to being hired in a company. Twenty years have passed since my first interview before I entered the corporate world. There was a time of hardship and lot of struggle for me before. My family was dependent on our agriculture land income and so being the only person to graduate from my family, I had to take the charge and responsibility. After my graduation, I shifted my base to Delhi and visited factories in order to land my first job. But most of the times I was rejected due to weak oral communication and English skills. After getting rejected from twelve interviews or more, I decided to return back to my home town and help my father in agriculture. But I continued to apply by posting letters to company and one day, I got a reply from the company and they had invited me for the interview. With blessings from my parents and motivation, I took the morning train and reached their office in Delhi.

There were three candidates for the same post and all of them looked more educated and qualified. My first thought was rejection is confirmed and another missed opportunity. We all three candidates were called together and were given some sample questions. I was good in my technical and submitted my paper first. Then the questions came based on our answer and they asked me two things. The first thing was if I had applied anywhere else and what are you chances for selection. Being honest, I told them the truth about it and also convinced them to give my hundred percent for the job. I pointed out to panel about my weakness in English language but being good in technical stuff. The interview panel was impressed with my honesty and out of three guys, I was hired.

In another instance, during my college days, I was addicted to watching new movies in cinema halls. I laid my mom that I am going to college and instead went for the movie Do Aur do Paanch.There while watching the movie, I found myself in a problem when I found my uncle and aunt sitting just in back rows. I thought they could have seen me and so to avoid to get caught, I left the movie behind and escaped during the interval. Before the situation got out of hand, I went to home and told my mom that I went to see the movie with my friends. My mother was little angry as she did not expect hiding things from thereafter few days, my mother went to her aunt place and she told about that incidence. I feel being truthful really helped me otherwise if my aunt told her the truth then it could be embarrassing for me and our family.

This post is part of  Indiblogger happy hours campaign – purity in every drop! and Kinley Mineral water.Their latest campaign is about being truthful and honesty.


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