Rise above Fear

Talking about present times, I would talk about common man fear. For women in Delhi-NCR, the fear would be to reach safe at home especially after the Uber car rape accident. The common man has fear against rising prices and to be able to run his home without taking loan or adulteration issue with food we consume. Sometimes people fear to lose their power or job and do things to harm others. With so much competition these days, the fear lies in getting admission in reputed college even after securing more than 90 percentile. There is fear among parents these days for getting admission seat for their four-year old kid. No matter whom you are or at what stage of life cycle, you have some or other issues in life which creates stress and fear.

This fear is sometimes good for you and gets you out in troubled situation at times. Every parent has a lot of expectation from their children. In my case, the problem with me was fear of getting scolded by my school teacher and getting punishment for fewer marks. I was a normal average student in my class but in one of my class tests, my scores were very low and I had failed. I went home and due to fear I told lie to her that results are not out. But after two days, I could not hold myself and told the truth to my father. I was crying in tears as I had realized my mistake but my father was happy that I had courage to speak up the truth and rise to study well for next exams. In another instance, when I was 11 years old, our neighbour had bought a British bulldog and every time I wanted to go to the park to play with my friends, he used to bark and shout from the gate. I was so afraid of the dog that most of the times, I avoided playing in the evening and waiting till the dog went inside. I was so frightened at times and thought at times if the gate opens, then he would run after me and bite me. My friends told me to ignore his barking and use the alternative route to go to the park. But still the fear did not go completely and the dog phobia was still on my mind. But my parents could see my fear and they rescued me from this situation by taking me to the dog owner house and helping me to have friendship with dog. The first meeting with dog helped me to rise above fear and gave me courage. I also learnt about dog barking habit when they watch strangers. The friendship with dog helped me out and solved my problem.

Another example from my life was during my first job. I rose above my fear of giving presentations in English in front of people. I was shy in nature but being a sales manager, I had to come out of my shell and be more social and able to speak in order to convince people. It was difficult for me in initial part of my career but with taking lessons and speaking in English with my friends, I gathered confidence and was able to solve this issue.

In the end, all I would say is that Fight against your fear…Do check this video and join https://www.facebook.com/mountaindewindia to get confidence and do whatever you want to do without fear.

This post is a part of Mountain Dew India, for #RiseAboveFear happy hours campaign in association Indiblogger.


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