Missed Chances -Stubble is Big Trouble

Talking about my journey twenty years back, I was in college and it was last semester. Companies started hiring process and luckily I was hired with three more students by a company dealing in business to business corporate sales. I was given the offer letter as a post of sales assistant. After the college exams, we all three joined the organisation. We had good orientation session and given modules to study about their products. The manual also included the experience of the employees. Customers are king and being a salesman in my early part of the career, it was taught to us during the office training about being professional when visiting the client and how to pitch about the product. I joined the company 

We were new in the business world and all we had knowledge and no practical experience. After a week, we were given an initial target to call the customers mainly small and medium enterprise and take appointment with them for taking company orders. The task was difficult and we had to somehow manage to get our first order within a week. We all thought of a plan and decided to divide the task by defining our territory. Finally after two hectic days at finding the right prospective customer for our product, we decided to meet him and get our first order. I was totally excited as it was our first meeting and we will be representing out company.

Next day, we took the shared auto and went to meet the client located in Badarpur Border to his factory. I felt that if we could convert our lead into prospective buyer, it will be huge success for us and we will be able to impress our boss. On reaching the venue, we waited at the reception and then a boy came who took us to the Senior Sales Manager. As we entered the office, we greeted him and said thank you for giving appointment to us. The manager was wearing expensive branded clothing, perfectly well dressed and clean shave. Then as my college friend started to pitch about our company product, he asked me to show the demonstration. The manager asked many questions to my other friends before and after the process. Then he pointed out to me about my long beard and stubble. He thought that I was their assistant and helper. At that point, I realized my mistake about how stubble can affect your brand image and affect the company business. The manager did not place any order and we felt disappointed as a team. While coming back, I thought it was a great opportunity which we missed just due to my fault.

The stubble is really a big trouble and after that incident, whenever I meet any client, I always shave!

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