Speak up to Clean India

Every day in the morning, we read in newspaper about rising number of crimes against women, corruption increasing in government bodies, scams in various sectors, traffic accidents, and much more. Many people lose their lives every day for all the above reasons but we think in other way and thank God for being lucky one to survive. Once we finish the newspaper as we sip our cup of tea, no one takes the pain to change the things or to raise our voice and our attitude remains same to think about ourselves. The end result is that pollution level increasing at alarming rate, deforestation, rising crimes and less number of foreign tourist coming to our country. All this is hurting India brand image and sending wrong message to people over the world.

We want to live in clean house, visit foreign countries with our family before exploring the Indian heritage sites and monuments, think about fulfilling our social need to buy a brand new car, air conditioner for each room and much more without thinking about the effect it may cause to the environment. Health comes first for everyone and we spend money on buying Aqua guard for having clean drinking water, vacuum cleaner for cleaning our furniture and a maid to clean our house daily. I would point out here that somehow in some or the other way; we are responsible for all this mess and should make some efforts now.

I am happy that our Prime Minister Narendra Modi has taken a big step with Swatch Bharat Abhiyaan.But we all need to carry the momentum forward. India is country when majority of population is young below 25 years of age. We have the latest smart phones, electronic gadgets and social media platform where we make friends and chat with them for hours. We have been using it just for social circle but not for social cause. Time has come that we all should act and raise our voice so that we can make India a better place to live and improve its brand image. I have already started with my efforts by being part of #AbMontuBolega and want to ask everyone to stand up and engage in cleanliness campaign. I urge everyone to use public toilets and also throwing garbage at the right place. Also spread the message to your friends about advantages of making India dust and pollution free and how it will help attract tourists and foreign exchange. Do visit the municipal locality and ask the concerned officer if garbage is lying for months along the road as it can create health issues. Call their helpline numbers and speak with them about the issue. There could be delay as we all know how government employee’s work but raises your voice. The message is clear as #AbMontuBolega Kyuki Bin Bole Ab Nahi Chalega. For more information about #AbMontuBolega and be part of this social cause, join them and raise your concern on facebook and Twitter.

I hope by 2019, we will be able to give Mahatma Gandhi Swatch India. This Blog Post is written part of Indiblogger Happy Hours Activity with Strepsils –http://www.abmontubolega.com/


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