Missing Chance -Annual Day

There are many instances in my life leading to missed opportunities either due to bad luck or not present at the right place at right point of time. I have been working with a reputed organisation for past 15 years and still remain their passionate and dedicated employee over the years. There were up and down for me through my career curve and growth too after working for years and change in positions from sales trainee to sales manager, then to area manager and so on till today as now I am handling pan India sales and marketing section for my company. But honestly I could have reached this stage earlier if I had taken a look at my personality a bit more and put some extra efforts. During my initial part of my working years, I was working under my boss with my other collagues.Whenever there was some task given to me, I was usually the first one to complete it on time and got the credit but one of my colleague used to get more credit as he used to always look more fit and better than me in terms of personality. Even when there were times to give presentations, I was always given task to prepare them but not presenting them as I used to grow bearded at that time…Though I used to get credit for my work but was not noticed by all.

In one of the scenario, during our annual function which was the first one for me, our team won the award for best performing team but that day I had stubble on my face and came to function without shave. My boss was really annoyed and told me to sit down and not to join them on stage for collecting the award and appreciation letter. I felt really bad and embarrassed at that point of time as I could not collect the letter or be part of the ceramony.From that moment, I decided to have no more stubble and be more professional and presentable.

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