Shaving Every Day

Being a professional and holding a senior position requires me to dress myself up perfectly plus clear face with no stubble. My personality is such that clean shave suits me but often I get lazy when I take official leave or spend time at home. My wife and children wants me to look clean and shave it even on Saturday and Sunday but I always refuse to give up until this incident happened to me.

Few months backbit was holiday and like every Sunday, me and my wife went to nearby vegetable market to buy fresh fruits and daily ration. While shopping and waiting in the billing section of Reliance store, I realized my college friend Arun was standing next to me. I called him twice but got no response. Third time I put my hand on his shoulders and then he figured me out. But I was disappointed the next moment when he told me I look very old and could not recognise me. I really felt bad and thought about having a clean look. Inspire of being more successful in my life I was not able to make a good first impression on him.

From that moment I realized that whether it is holiday or not, I need to shave daily to bring charm fresh look leave a positive impression. Now I can also see change in the attitude of my family members towards me as now my wife loves my clean look and my children does not fear me anymore. Everyone is happy in the family.

It is November month and November is known for Movember where everyone is encouraged to grow their moustaches and show their concern towards health issues and raise charities for helping people suffering from different diseases.This trend is also catching in India and I have been part of it past few years.I try to play with moustache and try different looks but make sure it looks good on me.

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