A Healthy Child Makes A Happy Home

Every parent feels that their children are real asset for their family and their life revolves around them and solving their issues and help them in every possible way and to give them best comfort and happy life. As a parent, I am more satisfied when my child is happy and healthy. As a father, I strive to give my child with best educational facilities, indulge with him to play indoor games and try to give my time after my office hours and motivate him always to give his best.My wife is even more protective and careful about our child and tries her best to make sure he drinks milk everyday.When I come back from office ,I can see the atmosphere joyful and relaxed when I see our kid relaxing,enjoying or playing with his games.But when our kid has some issues,my wife would even sometime ignore me or forget to ask me for water when I return from office.So our child directly or indirectly affects our family atmosphere and environment around us.

Let me take you all to my childhood memories.When I was a child, It was a golden era with less pollution, honest people and use of herbal medicines.My mother used to give us fresh water directly from tap, we never went to doctor for small bruises or for cold, cough and even fever. There were not many doctors at that time and my mom used to make Haldi milk with egg York and feed us with boiled rice and fruits. We used to play in mud whole day and instead of tooth brushes, we had charcoal powder for brushing our teeth and ride our bikes without helmet. Even the food was less adulterated and there were not many medical shops in our area.In our times,people were not running for getting highest marks and society was such that if you pass high secondary school or become a graduate, then you have achieved a milestone. But now I see present generation are still studying to excel in their careers even after post graduation.

But now in next twenty years, things have changed and people have become less social, we all are dependent on doctors and technology for extra comfort and think more about earning money.There is change in perception that only money can bring happiness in our lives. The quality of food and milk we consume is tastier and lack important nutrients.As a parent, I feel worried about my child as life is more stressed these days with tough competition and less time to enjoy life. I feel it is my duty and responsibility that my child remains mentally and physically strong to face these challenger and intake healthy diet. My son is suffering from Asthma problem past 3 years and this has affected his body and he is more prone to allergies, cough and other infections. Our family doctor tells that it is due to pollution and weak immune system. My son is taking medicines but still he is not 100 percent fit and every 3-4 months, we have to visit doctor. Mean while, we have also taken help of our neighbour Mr Sharma, who are yoga trainer and dietician. He has recommended not only my child but whole family to join him for yoga sessions in the morning. On his recommendation, my child is being given a special juice made with ginger lemon mixture with tomato juice. We have also brought Dabur Chyawanprash which helps the body to strengthen immune system. I would point out here that we can see our child more relaxed, his health is improving slowly and this makes us all happy in family.

I would suggest all parents to make sure every child gets time to play and indulge in outdoor games and give your child more time and ask him to consume less junk food.

This blog post is written for Indi-Happy Hours Campaign,“A Healthy Child Makes A Happy Home” in association with Dabur Chyawanprash and Indiblogger.in


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