Missed Chances -Stubble is Big Trouble

Talking about my journey twenty years back, I was in college and it was last semester. Companies started hiring process and luckily I was hired with three more students by a company dealing in business to business corporate sales. I was given the offer letter as a post of sales assistant. After the college exams, we all three joined the organisation. We had good orientation session and given modules to study about their products. The manual also included the experience of the employees. Customers are king and being a salesman in my early part of the career, it was taught to us during the office training about being professional when visiting the client and how to pitch about the product. I joined the company 

We were new in the business world and all we had knowledge and no practical experience. After a week, we were given an initial target to call the customers mainly small and medium enterprise and take appointment with them for taking company orders. The task was difficult and we had to somehow manage to get our first order within a week. We all thought of a plan and decided to divide the task by defining our territory. Finally after two hectic days at finding the right prospective customer for our product, we decided to meet him and get our first order. I was totally excited as it was our first meeting and we will be representing out company.

Next day, we took the shared auto and went to meet the client located in Badarpur Border to his factory. I felt that if we could convert our lead into prospective buyer, it will be huge success for us and we will be able to impress our boss. On reaching the venue, we waited at the reception and then a boy came who took us to the Senior Sales Manager. As we entered the office, we greeted him and said thank you for giving appointment to us. The manager was wearing expensive branded clothing, perfectly well dressed and clean shave. Then as my college friend started to pitch about our company product, he asked me to show the demonstration. The manager asked many questions to my other friends before and after the process. Then he pointed out to me about my long beard and stubble. He thought that I was their assistant and helper. At that point, I realized my mistake about how stubble can affect your brand image and affect the company business. The manager did not place any order and we felt disappointed as a team. While coming back, I thought it was a great opportunity which we missed just due to my fault.

The stubble is really a big trouble and after that incident, whenever I meet any client, I always shave!

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Speak up to Clean India

Every day in the morning, we read in newspaper about rising number of crimes against women, corruption increasing in government bodies, scams in various sectors, traffic accidents, and much more. Many people lose their lives every day for all the above reasons but we think in other way and thank God for being lucky one to survive. Once we finish the newspaper as we sip our cup of tea, no one takes the pain to change the things or to raise our voice and our attitude remains same to think about ourselves. The end result is that pollution level increasing at alarming rate, deforestation, rising crimes and less number of foreign tourist coming to our country. All this is hurting India brand image and sending wrong message to people over the world.

We want to live in clean house, visit foreign countries with our family before exploring the Indian heritage sites and monuments, think about fulfilling our social need to buy a brand new car, air conditioner for each room and much more without thinking about the effect it may cause to the environment. Health comes first for everyone and we spend money on buying Aqua guard for having clean drinking water, vacuum cleaner for cleaning our furniture and a maid to clean our house daily. I would point out here that somehow in some or the other way; we are responsible for all this mess and should make some efforts now.

I am happy that our Prime Minister Narendra Modi has taken a big step with Swatch Bharat Abhiyaan.But we all need to carry the momentum forward. India is country when majority of population is young below 25 years of age. We have the latest smart phones, electronic gadgets and social media platform where we make friends and chat with them for hours. We have been using it just for social circle but not for social cause. Time has come that we all should act and raise our voice so that we can make India a better place to live and improve its brand image. I have already started with my efforts by being part of #AbMontuBolega and want to ask everyone to stand up and engage in cleanliness campaign. I urge everyone to use public toilets and also throwing garbage at the right place. Also spread the message to your friends about advantages of making India dust and pollution free and how it will help attract tourists and foreign exchange. Do visit the municipal locality and ask the concerned officer if garbage is lying for months along the road as it can create health issues. Call their helpline numbers and speak with them about the issue. There could be delay as we all know how government employee’s work but raises your voice. The message is clear as #AbMontuBolega Kyuki Bin Bole Ab Nahi Chalega. For more information about #AbMontuBolega and be part of this social cause, join them and raise your concern on facebook and Twitter.

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Missing Chance -Annual Day

There are many instances in my life leading to missed opportunities either due to bad luck or not present at the right place at right point of time. I have been working with a reputed organisation for past 15 years and still remain their passionate and dedicated employee over the years. There were up and down for me through my career curve and growth too after working for years and change in positions from sales trainee to sales manager, then to area manager and so on till today as now I am handling pan India sales and marketing section for my company. But honestly I could have reached this stage earlier if I had taken a look at my personality a bit more and put some extra efforts. During my initial part of my working years, I was working under my boss with my other collagues.Whenever there was some task given to me, I was usually the first one to complete it on time and got the credit but one of my colleague used to get more credit as he used to always look more fit and better than me in terms of personality. Even when there were times to give presentations, I was always given task to prepare them but not presenting them as I used to grow bearded at that time…Though I used to get credit for my work but was not noticed by all.

In one of the scenario, during our annual function which was the first one for me, our team won the award for best performing team but that day I had stubble on my face and came to function without shave. My boss was really annoyed and told me to sit down and not to join them on stage for collecting the award and appreciation letter. I felt really bad and embarrassed at that point of time as I could not collect the letter or be part of the ceramony.From that moment, I decided to have no more stubble and be more professional and presentable.

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Shaving Every Day

Being a professional and holding a senior position requires me to dress myself up perfectly plus clear face with no stubble. My personality is such that clean shave suits me but often I get lazy when I take official leave or spend time at home. My wife and children wants me to look clean and shave it even on Saturday and Sunday but I always refuse to give up until this incident happened to me.

Few months backbit was holiday and like every Sunday, me and my wife went to nearby vegetable market to buy fresh fruits and daily ration. While shopping and waiting in the billing section of Reliance store, I realized my college friend Arun was standing next to me. I called him twice but got no response. Third time I put my hand on his shoulders and then he figured me out. But I was disappointed the next moment when he told me I look very old and could not recognise me. I really felt bad and thought about having a clean look. Inspire of being more successful in my life I was not able to make a good first impression on him.

From that moment I realized that whether it is holiday or not, I need to shave daily to bring charm fresh look leave a positive impression. Now I can also see change in the attitude of my family members towards me as now my wife loves my clean look and my children does not fear me anymore. Everyone is happy in the family.

It is November month and November is known for Movember where everyone is encouraged to grow their moustaches and show their concern towards health issues and raise charities for helping people suffering from different diseases.This trend is also catching in India and I have been part of it past few years.I try to play with moustache and try different looks but make sure it looks good on me.

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My luxury dream 24K home with Porcelanosa

For me my home is heaven on earth and best place on this planet. Home is where we have a family and strong bonding with our family members. We live together, eat and stay with each other and share our feelings and memorable moments of life. Building and transforming house into home takes many years and requires time, money and resources. After marriage, we used to live on rent and I use to save money from my husband salary to buy our own house. Finally after 3 year, we shifted from rented to a flat. But problem did not end as we had to take time out every Sunday to visit sanitary story, malls and architect to make it look beautiful.

But today with changing time and professional services avaialble, this task has become very simple and less time as now we don’t have to visit every shop and try to get perfect match. To provide such a solution Porcelanosa has come forward as one stop solution to offer a wide product range that includes kitchen and bathroom equipment as well as state-of-the-art building solutions for contemporary architecture. Their website The 24k Living offers one step solution to all issues changing home to heaven.

With reference to Porcelanosa products, If I have to make changes and move into new home, I will choose white colour in the background as it is my favourite colour and white is simple and symbolize peace and harmony. I would like to have this interior decoration Porcelanosa of my room with matching white sofa and wardrobe.


Coming forward to bathroom, natural stone wash basin is the main element which should be solid, good looking and unique in style. I will choose this design as it looks simple yet attractive. Along with it, I would like to add bathroom accessories like essence rain shower from Porcelanosa instead of tap with LED lightings and light music. I love to sing and dance while bathing so it would be perfect to choose songs and be bathroom singer.

In our family, we all have separate cupboards for keeping our books and important papers or magazines. I would add this cupboard and chairs so that I can find all the books and arrange them in order. Having this white study table would be added advantage which can also serve as dining table in dining room. We could also display showpieces or keep photo frames. Flooring is important part of home and I prefer wood colour anti slip tiles creating luxury look and less chance of slipping. Also I have heard that keeping tiles clean is much easier and takes less time.


Kitchen is my office and I consider my workspace. For kitchen, I like G680 Nodal Tenure G580 Blanco Brillo model from Porcelanosa. This kitchen has effective ventilation with shelves to keep up everything and in front chair and table setting to eat and serve food at same time.

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Toilet For Babli and All

Our country India is among the top of the world in many fields with large human force across various continents conquering new heights and our scientists have reached moon and landed in Mars. We have the best technologies and with largest number of millionaires and vast amount of resources. The best part is that our country is considered as youngest country in the world. But somehow we lack in many things as compared to other countries in terms of cleanliness, sanitation and lack of hygiene education.

It is not just about sanitation and hygiene but we are lacking in keeping country clean and pollution free. Lack of dustbins also leads to throwing garbage anywhere which causes waste management issues. We see people in urban metros urinating in open and do not use public toilets. One of the root cause of the issue for this may be the public toilets are very dirty and there is no one take care of cleaning them regularly or maintaining them. If there is proper co-ordination among government organisations and people do they their duty, this problem could be solved.

For men, we can still afford to urinate behind the trees but for Indian women, it is really difficult when she want to relieve herself. The only option left is either run to a restaurant or be close to market in order to find a safe place. Sometimes when women cannot find a suitable place and have to go in open, people try to look them when she is taking call of nature and this hurts dignity of women and raises fear. It feels really sad when we hear about news like teenage girls being raped and murdered when they went to relieve themselves in the village. Such incidents are common and nothing new in our country. According to the sources by ministry of health, 270 million populations is lacking toilet facility and could not afford to build one. They don’t have much choice and have to defecate in open area. This problem is mainly because people are still unaware about hazards of open defecation. Other issues are subsidies provided by government to build toilets do not reach the right person and due to corruption at various levels.

More than sixty years of independence and we are still not able to save this hygiene issues creates a bad image in the minds of tourists and raises concern whether they should come to our country or not. The tourist travel by trains and if we talk about state of Indian railways or bus terminals, we should conditioned not good either’s have put cloth in our nose as it becomes very difficult to breathe due to foul smell. The other issues are lack of drainage system or water for washing our hands. There is seating pot or it is almost broken and worms coming out of it. There are so many things about visiting toilet when we travel. Time has come that we all stand up to fight for clean India where toilets should be made mandatory for all and as a social responsibility we all should ask questions to government on such issues.

Building a toilet is not that expensive and we can all contribute some amount to help people who cannot afford one for their family. We can also bring about the change in the lives of millions of kids, thereby showing our support for the Domex Initiative. All we need to do is “click” on the “Contribute Tab” on www.domex.in and Domex will contribute Rs.5 on our behalf to eradicate open defecation, thereby helping kids like Babli live a dignified life.

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A Healthy Child Makes A Happy Home

Every parent feels that their children are real asset for their family and their life revolves around them and solving their issues and help them in every possible way and to give them best comfort and happy life. As a parent, I am more satisfied when my child is happy and healthy. As a father, I strive to give my child with best educational facilities, indulge with him to play indoor games and try to give my time after my office hours and motivate him always to give his best.My wife is even more protective and careful about our child and tries her best to make sure he drinks milk everyday.When I come back from office ,I can see the atmosphere joyful and relaxed when I see our kid relaxing,enjoying or playing with his games.But when our kid has some issues,my wife would even sometime ignore me or forget to ask me for water when I return from office.So our child directly or indirectly affects our family atmosphere and environment around us.

Let me take you all to my childhood memories.When I was a child, It was a golden era with less pollution, honest people and use of herbal medicines.My mother used to give us fresh water directly from tap, we never went to doctor for small bruises or for cold, cough and even fever. There were not many doctors at that time and my mom used to make Haldi milk with egg York and feed us with boiled rice and fruits. We used to play in mud whole day and instead of tooth brushes, we had charcoal powder for brushing our teeth and ride our bikes without helmet. Even the food was less adulterated and there were not many medical shops in our area.In our times,people were not running for getting highest marks and society was such that if you pass high secondary school or become a graduate, then you have achieved a milestone. But now I see present generation are still studying to excel in their careers even after post graduation.

But now in next twenty years, things have changed and people have become less social, we all are dependent on doctors and technology for extra comfort and think more about earning money.There is change in perception that only money can bring happiness in our lives. The quality of food and milk we consume is tastier and lack important nutrients.As a parent, I feel worried about my child as life is more stressed these days with tough competition and less time to enjoy life. I feel it is my duty and responsibility that my child remains mentally and physically strong to face these challenger and intake healthy diet. My son is suffering from Asthma problem past 3 years and this has affected his body and he is more prone to allergies, cough and other infections. Our family doctor tells that it is due to pollution and weak immune system. My son is taking medicines but still he is not 100 percent fit and every 3-4 months, we have to visit doctor. Mean while, we have also taken help of our neighbour Mr Sharma, who are yoga trainer and dietician. He has recommended not only my child but whole family to join him for yoga sessions in the morning. On his recommendation, my child is being given a special juice made with ginger lemon mixture with tomato juice. We have also brought Dabur Chyawanprash which helps the body to strengthen immune system. I would point out here that we can see our child more relaxed, his health is improving slowly and this makes us all happy in family.

I would suggest all parents to make sure every child gets time to play and indulge in outdoor games and give your child more time and ask him to consume less junk food.

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