Nokia XL event-My way to blogging

I have been using Nokia smart phones all my life and my first phone which I bought around 8 years back was Nokia too. I believe Nokia has the best phones and my obsession with Nokia still remains same and every year whether I want to have a smart phone or not but I love to sell my old Nokia smart phone and buy a new one. Over past few years, my love and passion for Nokia smart phones has increased a lot and this can be seen from my point that when I got a chance to have authority to order smart phone for my colleagues residing in different parts of the country, it was Nokia as my first preference.
Going back to those days when mobile was a luxury and I felt as I am holding something in my hand which gives me power to connect with anyone anywhere in the world. With technology improving and Nokia capturing the market, it started to upgrade its smart phone technology and customized the user’s experience with camera features, music gallery, storage space card,blue tooth and integrated with google apps and now comes with touch screen smart phones.

My love for Nokia did not end here and it lead me to introduce myself to blogging. I have using social media and websites just for connecting very my relatives and other close friends.I had joined Twitter website and became a follower of Nokia India page. On their timeline,I saw about their promotions for Nokia smartphones and their new product series Nokia X,Nokia X+ and Nokia XL. I wanted to buy their Nokia Xl series and tweeted about my love for Nokia and being a Nokia fan. Next day I got a message on my twitter inbox asking me for my email and details.Later in the evening, I got a message from their Public Relations team that I was invited by them to attend Nokia XL launch event at the Oberoi hotel in New Delhi on 17th May,2014.The event was hosted by Microsoft Nokia and a blogging community Indiblogger which I heard it first time.

The chief guest at the event included the gadget guru host Rajiv Makhni and masterchef Vikas Khanna.I thought this event would include media partners and dealers or people from news channel. But soon I realized that it was different and while sitting in the front row, I chatted with the person next to me before start of the event and came to know more about blogger community and what they do and learned about how to blog. During the event Nokia team introduced their brand new Nokia XL smart phone and then their were many on stage competitions where I was also invited to take part in the campaign but lost in making a perfect Roti.



Trying my hand in Roti competition

Later during the dinner and before leaving for home, I got the opportunity to meet Mr Renie Ravin who runs this great community and chief head.I was happy to interact with him and felt as if I could also join this community and be part of their community. It was very nice to talk to him and learn more about blogging and this was the movement that I started my blogging and with help of google, I found more about tips and tricks about writing a blog post. I am still a newbie to this world but I really enjoy sharing my thoughts and experience with the world using technology.


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