Completing the Last Rituals-Sorrow Travels

My mom is best in the world and no matter whatever I do; I cannot still overcome the sacrifice she has done for me in her whole lifetime. She was suffering from heart disease for few years and this had affected her other body parts too and ultimately she died due to heart attack. The problem started few years ago when suddenly she told us one day about her pain in the heart and before we could do something or respond to her, she was fainted. We called up the ambulance and later doctor in OPD somehow manage to save heron further tests and analysis of her heart, it was a sign of her issues with some heart vessel and less blood flowing through the veins. In next 2 years, we tried to cure her condition but the damage was done and ultimately we lost her one day.

I still try to remember and wish I could give her a new heart or a better medical help but all in vain. She was so close to me and understood each family member very much. Her mixing nature with everyone and smile on her face was something I try to learn every day and fight challenges of life.

After her death, we all family members had to go to Haridwar and this was the first time, we had to travel without her. I booked the Shahtabdi train and travelled with the pot in which her bones were kept. The pot was to be submerged in holy Ganga River. It was very sad moments and I feel lost without her. We reached Haridwar around 1 pm and went to a place where we had to perform the last rituals.


After the rituals, my tears could not stop and I tried my best to hide my face but all in vain. It was big loss for our family which cannot be replaced with anything else. Then we went to Haridwar main ghat area to have dip in Ganga river and pray to God for peace and give us strength to face this hardship situation. Thereafter we had some pooja and lunch at local dhaba with family.Later in the evening we were back from nearby hotel to witness the live aarti which happens in front of main ghat area every day.This time I felt calmness within myself and felt more relaxed and tried to be bold and strong.

Next morning, we all headed back to Haridwar railway station to catch our train to Delhi and bid goodbye to our relatives who travelled with us for the last rituals and then as the time moves, we all went busy with our daily routine. But still I miss her very much and her food.


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