Mathura Divine trip to Vrindavan

We reside in Delhi Ncr Region and Mathura is just less than 300 km from our home and we visit Mathura quite often every year or 6 months. This time we planned to celebrate my father birthday in a different way and to surprise him, we all took him to Mathura famous temples and birthplace of Krishna Ji bhagwan.We planned to give him this surprise because my father could not visit Mathura with us last year and he had a wish in his mind and wanted to visit the holy temple and make a wish for my mom who is having medical issues from more than 2 years.

On his birthday, it was Saturday and I took a leave from my office and asked everyone to be ready by 8 am in the morning. My father was reading newspaper and I asked him to get ready in 30 minutes as we have a surprise for you today and make sure you take your necessary items like medicine, eye glass and personal things. As our journey started, my father was very anxious and excited to know where we were heading as it was his birthday and he wanted to go to Mender for pooja.I just told him to relax and trust me that you will be happy to see the surprise.

Our journey started with traffic at Ashram and we only managed to cross Badarpur flyover after two hours. Once we entered Faridabad, we had a smooth ride till we reached Mathura. Around 1 pm, we took a turn to Shri Bankey Bihari Ji temple and reached the temple. My father was really happy and told me that it was the best birthday gift ever. He told me about his wish to visit Mathura and this was the perfect occasion. We all felt satisfied after worshipping and praying to god for all the happiness and giving a chance to visit Mathura. We also visited the famous Iskcon temple where everyone was chanting Hara Krishna Hare Krishna…..We could see more foreigners in the temple as devotees and very less local people inside the temple. The temple is famous tourist spot and workship place for people from all over the world.
IMAG0187 IMAG0188

IMAG0189 IMAG0194 IMAG0195 IMAG0200

IMAG0199 IMAG0199


Then we went to Vrindavan market place and purchase some Mathura famous sweets and Lord Krishna painting. Then we went to a local restaurant to have lunch and get some rest before going back to our hometown. Around 7 pm in evening. We were back in Delhi and my wife insisted in having a cake and so we bought a cake for my father and I would thank my family and God for giving me opportunity to have good time with family members.


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