Completing the Last Rituals-Sorrow Travels

My mom is best in the world and no matter whatever I do; I cannot still overcome the sacrifice she has done for me in her whole lifetime. She was suffering from heart disease for few years and this had affected her other body parts too and ultimately she died due to heart attack. The problem started few years ago when suddenly she told us one day about her pain in the heart and before we could do something or respond to her, she was fainted. We called up the ambulance and later doctor in OPD somehow manage to save heron further tests and analysis of her heart, it was a sign of her issues with some heart vessel and less blood flowing through the veins. In next 2 years, we tried to cure her condition but the damage was done and ultimately we lost her one day.

I still try to remember and wish I could give her a new heart or a better medical help but all in vain. She was so close to me and understood each family member very much. Her mixing nature with everyone and smile on her face was something I try to learn every day and fight challenges of life.

After her death, we all family members had to go to Haridwar and this was the first time, we had to travel without her. I booked the Shahtabdi train and travelled with the pot in which her bones were kept. The pot was to be submerged in holy Ganga River. It was very sad moments and I feel lost without her. We reached Haridwar around 1 pm and went to a place where we had to perform the last rituals.


After the rituals, my tears could not stop and I tried my best to hide my face but all in vain. It was big loss for our family which cannot be replaced with anything else. Then we went to Haridwar main ghat area to have dip in Ganga river and pray to God for peace and give us strength to face this hardship situation. Thereafter we had some pooja and lunch at local dhaba with family.Later in the evening we were back from nearby hotel to witness the live aarti which happens in front of main ghat area every day.This time I felt calmness within myself and felt more relaxed and tried to be bold and strong.

Next morning, we all headed back to Haridwar railway station to catch our train to Delhi and bid goodbye to our relatives who travelled with us for the last rituals and then as the time moves, we all went busy with our daily routine. But still I miss her very much and her food.


Nokia XL event-My way to blogging

I have been using Nokia smart phones all my life and my first phone which I bought around 8 years back was Nokia too. I believe Nokia has the best phones and my obsession with Nokia still remains same and every year whether I want to have a smart phone or not but I love to sell my old Nokia smart phone and buy a new one. Over past few years, my love and passion for Nokia smart phones has increased a lot and this can be seen from my point that when I got a chance to have authority to order smart phone for my colleagues residing in different parts of the country, it was Nokia as my first preference.
Going back to those days when mobile was a luxury and I felt as I am holding something in my hand which gives me power to connect with anyone anywhere in the world. With technology improving and Nokia capturing the market, it started to upgrade its smart phone technology and customized the user’s experience with camera features, music gallery, storage space card,blue tooth and integrated with google apps and now comes with touch screen smart phones.

My love for Nokia did not end here and it lead me to introduce myself to blogging. I have using social media and websites just for connecting very my relatives and other close friends.I had joined Twitter website and became a follower of Nokia India page. On their timeline,I saw about their promotions for Nokia smartphones and their new product series Nokia X,Nokia X+ and Nokia XL. I wanted to buy their Nokia Xl series and tweeted about my love for Nokia and being a Nokia fan. Next day I got a message on my twitter inbox asking me for my email and details.Later in the evening, I got a message from their Public Relations team that I was invited by them to attend Nokia XL launch event at the Oberoi hotel in New Delhi on 17th May,2014.The event was hosted by Microsoft Nokia and a blogging community Indiblogger which I heard it first time.

The chief guest at the event included the gadget guru host Rajiv Makhni and masterchef Vikas Khanna.I thought this event would include media partners and dealers or people from news channel. But soon I realized that it was different and while sitting in the front row, I chatted with the person next to me before start of the event and came to know more about blogger community and what they do and learned about how to blog. During the event Nokia team introduced their brand new Nokia XL smart phone and then their were many on stage competitions where I was also invited to take part in the campaign but lost in making a perfect Roti.



Trying my hand in Roti competition

Later during the dinner and before leaving for home, I got the opportunity to meet Mr Renie Ravin who runs this great community and chief head.I was happy to interact with him and felt as if I could also join this community and be part of their community. It was very nice to talk to him and learn more about blogging and this was the movement that I started my blogging and with help of google, I found more about tips and tricks about writing a blog post. I am still a newbie to this world but I really enjoy sharing my thoughts and experience with the world using technology.

Mathura Divine trip to Vrindavan

We reside in Delhi Ncr Region and Mathura is just less than 300 km from our home and we visit Mathura quite often every year or 6 months. This time we planned to celebrate my father birthday in a different way and to surprise him, we all took him to Mathura famous temples and birthplace of Krishna Ji bhagwan.We planned to give him this surprise because my father could not visit Mathura with us last year and he had a wish in his mind and wanted to visit the holy temple and make a wish for my mom who is having medical issues from more than 2 years.

On his birthday, it was Saturday and I took a leave from my office and asked everyone to be ready by 8 am in the morning. My father was reading newspaper and I asked him to get ready in 30 minutes as we have a surprise for you today and make sure you take your necessary items like medicine, eye glass and personal things. As our journey started, my father was very anxious and excited to know where we were heading as it was his birthday and he wanted to go to Mender for pooja.I just told him to relax and trust me that you will be happy to see the surprise.

Our journey started with traffic at Ashram and we only managed to cross Badarpur flyover after two hours. Once we entered Faridabad, we had a smooth ride till we reached Mathura. Around 1 pm, we took a turn to Shri Bankey Bihari Ji temple and reached the temple. My father was really happy and told me that it was the best birthday gift ever. He told me about his wish to visit Mathura and this was the perfect occasion. We all felt satisfied after worshipping and praying to god for all the happiness and giving a chance to visit Mathura. We also visited the famous Iskcon temple where everyone was chanting Hara Krishna Hare Krishna…..We could see more foreigners in the temple as devotees and very less local people inside the temple. The temple is famous tourist spot and workship place for people from all over the world.
IMAG0187 IMAG0188

IMAG0189 IMAG0194 IMAG0195 IMAG0200

IMAG0199 IMAG0199


Then we went to Vrindavan market place and purchase some Mathura famous sweets and Lord Krishna painting. Then we went to a local restaurant to have lunch and get some rest before going back to our hometown. Around 7 pm in evening. We were back in Delhi and my wife insisted in having a cake and so we bought a cake for my father and I would thank my family and God for giving me opportunity to have good time with family members.

My business trip @Kashmir Magic Memories

Every time I hear about Kashmir in newspaper, I feel high level of threat and negativity. It feels being unsafe in heaven and tense situation in the paradise on earth. Every day, some or other way, there is news about firing in Jammu and Kashmir border areas and acts of terrorism near army camps and across international border line. I am fond of travelling and it gives me intense pleasure to work and travel for official work at the same time. I have a role to communicate with my team members and dealers across length and breadth of the country and my job involves lot of travelling and doing seminars for upgrading skills and training our staff about new products.

This time I got the assignment to set up base camp in Jammu district and have talk with our clients and distributors and problems faced by them. Honestly I was trying to avoid the trip or delay it for time being but soon I realised that Jammu and Kashmir is new area to explore and I should challenge myself and take this opportunity forward.

I booked the Indigo flight and ready with my woollen clothes arrived in Srinagar. The weather was so pleasant and fresh breeze across my face with no pollution or dust in the air. I felt like reached a different place altogether. One of my client cab was there waiting for me to pick me up and soon recognised the signboard with my name.


In the cab, I had little chit chat about recent news and asked him about local conditions. The driver was very cool customer and told me that certain areas are affected by such crimes but in TV ,they are shown to just grab people attention and as a result tourism is affected and less people come to Kashmir. Next two days were busy meeting with clients and communication about business process and collaboration with suppliers and dealers. As the session ended early, I got 2 days to enjoy and explore kashmir.I asked my friend and our local dealer to arrange for cab and local guide to take me to nearby spots. Next morning, my journey started with sightseeing the Pahalgaum area and going through Anantnag and having a walk in apple farms and choosing the apple which I want to buy for myself.



my hotel stay

I also got opportunity to trek my wall to hill top to mini Switzerland and across the hill, I could see big trees and some tree which had been rooted out due to excess of rain in that area. There was no sense of terror and I felt proud that our CRPF forces and jawans were present everywhere and because of them, there was peace in the area and Kashmir was no different from Shimla or any other hill station.



Next day, I went to Kashmir to purchase Kashmir famous willow bat for my son and dry fruits for my family. In the evening, I was back to hotel to catch the flight next morning and report to office next day. Overall, I felt satisfied with my purpose to visit Kashmir and have some memories of it.

HTC M7 Global Smartphone Launch Event by HTC

This was the second time ,I was invited to HTC launch event and got the opportunity to interact with HTC team and their designers.I got the chance to meet various famous bloggers all over India and also meet various htc fans who were invited by HTC India at the event.The location for launch event was Radisson Hotel,near Mahipalpur just a few kms from Indira Gandhi International Airport.

Talking about the HTC M7 smart phone,I would say it is one of the masterpiece by HTC and great product.This phone  include many features which makes this phone a superphone.Main features include

Android with HTC Sense platform and Qualcomm Snapdragon 600

Storage 32 GB and /Ram 2GB

Display 4.7 inch with 1080p Full HD 

HTC Boomsound with dual frontal speakers and Beats Audio

HTC Ultrapixel Camera with HTC Zoe 


There were many demo versions available at the event itself and everyone was excited like me to grab hands on it.I got opportunity to check the silver shining M7 in my hand and believe me,the movement of phone,browsing speed and multi tasking on this smart phone makes you feel as if you are using a futuristic phone in hand.The camera both front and back captured a very clear image even in low light conditions.Talking about display,the phone is perfect to hold in hand and fits in pocket.This phone package contents include the smart phone,AC charger,Micro Usb Cable,Sim Eject pin,Headphones and User manual.

The price of this smart phone is above 30k in current market rate and is worth value for money after experiencing the feature myself.
WP_20130305_001 IMAG0862 IMAG0861

Post demonstration session,various bloggers and fans had option to ask questions to HTC team and get more information about the smart phone new features in details.

Then everyone was invited to have snacks and drinks and then before the session ended,there was a surprise lucky draw for everyone where many prizes were distributed ranging from smart phone,accessories and HTC branded swags and goodies.Overall the 3 hrs event ended with a group selfie with HTC team and all members.


I am glad to be lucky enough to be present at the launch event and grab hands on experience to M7 and also meet their team which works to make such beautiful devices.