Dubai Safari and High Expeditions

Being the head and senior most Head Manager in my company,I was given the responsibility to lead my team and our organisation for a business meet and international exhibition held in Dubai in order to expands our market beyond the national boundaries and establish relationship with new customers.

It was my first international trip to the city of the desert and after making out all the planning with my team and we boarded the flight to Dubai.We reached Dubai in six hours via Emirates and went straight to hotel feeling tired.Next day we all headed to the business convention center where we met many officers from different country and visited various stalls to have product demonstration and understand about their company business.


Next two days of our trip included interaction with many clients and partners from different organisations and exchanging information to collaborate and extend our business with new clients.In the end of the meet,it was good postive outcome for our company and we were able to develop positive relationship with many companies and invited some of them to visit our delhi office and see our production plant.


Now came the time,we were free for 2 days Saturday and Sunday and so all of us decided to enjoy the time and discover Dubai.We started with visit to Burj Khalifa which is considered as one of the highest structure in world.Also in the evening we all visited the Dubai Mall and did extensive shopping for my children and bought a special walking stick for my father.Later in the day ,I went to famous Dubai Aquarium known for its visual effects and various types of fishes in it.


Next day I counted only 48 hours left before flight and so much to cover as Dubai is full of attractions so we decided to see and explore the main attractions of dubai and nearby areas.We decided to talk a long drive in desert storm and see the skyline.I was so keen to wear the Sheikh suit and drive along the open desert with my colleagues.We really enjoyed the Non vegetarian food served to us and having great time altogether.



Clicking from the top of the world



I would conclude my experience and say Dubai is great place to live and very neat,clean city plus the people feel really responsible and believe in keeping their city clean and care about others.There is so much to explore in Dubai and it will take at least 4-5 days if travelling with family. I would like to come back again to Dubai some other day to discover whats more in Dubai and their culture and traditions.


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